søndag 14. april 2013

Money Transaction - Kid Style (CSI File #66)

My kids have a wish list longer than any grocery shopping list I have ever had and it changes every day. Sounds familiar? The www is a great source for kids to find even more gadgets they "need", and they truly wish they had free access to my credit card. Sounds familiar, too?

The kids were browsing web shops the other night, nagging about buying this and that. I repetedly told them that as long as they didn't have any money, it was out of the question. Then my DS13 suddenly said: "Hey, look mum, I have the solution". He had grabbed my wallet and stuck a USB cable to it...

Patterned papers, washi, stickers, tickets etc: Teresa Collins. Alphas: SEI (red), unknown (black)
Pins: Maya Road. Bottlecap: Estrella (a Spanish beer brand). Buttons & flair: unknown

Some details/close ups
Doodling - and buttons

The purpose of the flair (exept for beeing decorative)? I love to have my camera
in reach so I can capture these moments

The bottlecap is from a beer bottle - I would buy this beer just to get my hands on the bottle caps!

This layout came alive when I saw challenge #66 at CSI.

This is how I "solved the case":

Colors: All five used (it might be hard to see, but some of the papers have both light and dark grey, like the damask patterned paper)
Evidence: Buttons, flair, white background, draw/doodle
Testimony: something funny (I found DS' idea funny)

Do your kids come up with this kind of "clever" ideas?

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Victoria Freze sa...

your kids are smart :) love the design of this page and that cute flair button! wish the same for my Canon :))

pysselpetra sa...


Chantalle sa...

That is just such a hilarious picture! I love how kids mind's work!

Katherine (sutty) sa...

Love it Hilde both the photo and your kids ideas as well as the page and all the lovely details :)

Sharon Fritchman sa...

Such a fun, fun page! I love it so much!!! And your style is fabulous!!!! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog!

Elisabeth sa...

fantastisk historie og en fantastisk lekker LO du har laga her....hehe...
takk for titten, håper du og dine får en fin fin dag videre...