fredag 15. februar 2013

Kitty's first snow

Our kitten Mercedes is now 15 weeks old - a fun, cuddly little friend, really adorable which means she's forgiven most of the pranks she does (did I mention flower pots, chasing the dog's tail, using my designer chair as a climbing tree etc etc?).

Winter has been normally cold here, and as she still has her kitten fur only, she can't be much outdoor yet. But she's allowed to go out if one of us humans can be with her outdoor - because of the cold she would probably not survive outdoors if she got lost for more than 12 hours.

She has enjoyed her outdoors stays so far, but she was not too happy about the snow the first time we put her down in it. But as a good Norwegian Forrest Cat/Main Coon mix, she got used to it, and didn't seem to mind too much after a while. I took some snapshots of here walking in the snow for the first time.

I used the Little Yellow Bicycle February Sketch as the base for my layout. I used a mix of three different LYB collections to create it: Twig, Saturdays and Snow. The chipboard is painted and/or inked to fit the colors on the patterned papers.

Some detail shots:

Pins, patterned papers & cutouts w/buttons: Little yellow Bicycle.
Chipboard: Imaginarium Designs. Grey alpha: Basic Grey

Snowflake dies: Quickutz

Mercedes will spend more outdoor time when the days get longer and less cold. I bet I will have great company in the garden when spring comes :-)

Do your pets "help" you out in the garden?

2 kommentarer:

pysselpetra sa...

what a little cutie ♥ I am sure it was thrill combined with fear and joy for that little kittey meeting the firs snow

Monique Liedtke sa...

Fabulous page! and what a cutie is your kitty!! It's a shame I'm so allergic to cats (as are the kids) because I would love to have a cat in the household too!