tirsdag 26. februar 2013

Confronting Life!

I admit it.
When we startet 2013 I wasn't very optimistic about the coming year.
In 2012 Life face punched us pretty hard on several occations, and I knew 2013 will be rough, too. There will be losses of loved ones, there will be people around us who expects us to take action when their own lives get complicated, there will be challenges work wise, family wice, with schools etc etc.

I'm normally a person who handles emotional stress good, and I felt bad by being so pessimistic. I decided to work on this and to look for the positive in life and to let my word for 2013 be Thankful. I decided to keep it simple: to take a timeout every Sunday and write down what I am most thankful for that spesific week. There might be several things, but I'm writing down the one thing I'm most thankful for. I'll probably make a kind of Project Life album for it later, but so far the prosess has been the most important to me. And it seems to work.

Anyway: I was looking for a quote or saying which could express my pessimistic feeling, when I stumbled upon this one - and it was a great awakening for me:

That quote was just what I needed to roll up my sleeves and get on with My Life, not everybody else's. 2013 will be a rough year, I know it, but let it come - we can handle it! I dare to say, one of the best days in my life was a Friday night a few weeks ago, where I had the weekly Friday Night Home Date with the husband, we took a look back and said, quite surprised and very reliefed: "2012 wasn't that bad, after all. OK, sad things happened, but we handled it, and survived it, and we are ready for the coming challenges"

Papers: Cosmo Cricket. Bling: Prima. Wood viner stars: Studio Calicio.
Button, ribbon, twine: Unknown

The photo of me in this layout is a pretty good picture of what I wanted to do when the new year started but it facts the bonnet looks better on me when you see my pretty face :-)

Do you ever have those pesimistic moments?

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Ali sa...

Absolutely Hilde! Sometimes when life comes out swinging it's very hard to be positive and when people around you are trying to bring you down with their woes, it's even harder. But you've always struck me a positive person, with lots of energy and a wicked sense of humour. Those things will see you through! I hope things continue to look up. I think we all have a lot to be thankful for.

pysselpetra sa...


Cassandra aka Scrap Savvy sa...

Hilde, such a beautiful post! I really admire your fortitude. Wonderful layout with my absolutely fav part being that photo! It is so you!:) You are such a gem with your sense of humour mixed with wisdom, a positive outlook and perseverence.