tirsdag 19. februar 2013

Hush, don't tell my hubby!

  • That I have spent to much on scrapping?
    No, I've been good so far this year (remember, as I have a "Shopping Free 2013" I have only allowed myself to buy four collections)
  • That I have spent too much time scrapping?
    No, I haven't. And as our living room is just besides my scrap space, he knows what I'm doing
  • That I have a lover?
    No, I don't have one. And I don't think I can handle one either *lol*

So what is my secret?

Flower: Petaloo. Pebble: Prima. Butterfly: Maya Road (?)
Twine: The Twinery. Trim & washi: unknown

I have started some secret savings. If I do what I have planned, there should be enough money in the end of the year to go on a small vacation or something else fun.

Here is the deal: you start at Week 1 by saving a dollar (or an Euro, or any other amount depending on the currency where you live.) Week2 you save two dollars, week 3 three dollars etc etc. It should give you about $1500 by the end of the year if you manage to keep up. I have been good so far in 2013 :-)

I needed a box for my secret savings, and I had a container I wanted to use. You may have seen those often used for smoothies, juices etc, the ones with a hole at the top of the bubble shaped lid? I had one which had contained berries so it was easy to clean. But how on earth do you cover such a shape with paper? Then it stroke me: Washi tape!!! And how easy was that! I don't mind that the final surface has some wrinkles, I think it adds a nice structure in fact. I added a flower and an old butterfly I have had around for ages, a ribbon, some twine and a cute pebble, and voila!

I have no idea which manufactorers these washi come from. I have gotten some here,
bought some there and they have all come without packaging indicating origin.

I don't think neither kids or husband will ever look at the inside of this container, as they are used to me having decorated (uninteresting) stuff in my scrap place. And I have made sure it is placed on a shelf the curious kitten can't reach.

Do you ever do secret savings? For indulging yourself or sharing with the rest of the family?

5 kommentarer:

Victoria Freze sa...

wow, Hilde! it's awesome! is it really so easy to save money?:) I have to try too, thanks for the idea!

Anonym sa...

That is one cute box Hilde!!

Laurence sa...

Wow, such a good idea ! And it's beautiful !

Cassandra aka Scrap Savvy sa...

Love your thinking and of course your sense of humour Hilde. Adorable cup idea! Here's to your savings plan and vacation. Cheers!:)

Bente Fagerberg sa...

I am not very good at saving even if I ought to!! Love the look of your box and curious to see what you will do with all that extra cash at the end of the year... :-P LOL!