onsdag 21. januar 2015

Philosopher Kitty

I haven't played along at CSI for a while, but this cool File Case caught my attention:

And her is my take on it:

Materials: all from my stash. Some AC, some Chic Tags, some Freckled Fawn, Studio Calico cats, Bo Bunny etc etc

Journaling says: "Ponky has turned into a real food wreck over the years. She seems to only have one interest/worry ..."


How I solved the case:
* Colors: all used (the cream is hard to see, but it's in the middle of the frames)
*Sketch: Used. it's flipped, twisted and stretched, but you should recognize the main elements :-)
*Evicence: Frames, pleeting, cats
*Testimony: Handwritten journaling. The title work is very much inspired by the Grumpy Cta Meme, too.

Don't you love this case? Head over to the CSI blog to play along - you have until January 31th to solve the case :-)

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