tirsdag 1. januar 2013

The start of something new

Happy new year everybody, and welcome to my new blog. As you see it isn't complete yet, but it will be in not so long :-)
Thank you to all of you who have visited me over the years at my old blog and signed in to follow me here  in the future. The old blog still exists, and there you also will find my Top 10 12 layouts and Top 10 cards made by me in 2012.
Over at OUAS we're ready to keep your mojo going by giving you a new sketch and challenge to work with in January:
Theme: "The start of something new" 
Here is the deal:
The new year is among us. What better way to celebrate change, renewed hope and having a positive attitude than with a brand new year? A new start...a new horizon and the start of something new! A new year is full of possibilities. So in honor of the start of 2013, we would like you to create a layout and interpret the theme "The start of something new..." however you like. Whatever that sentence inspires you to scrap then go for it. 

Ideas for journalling: Include the theme sentence as your title, a new job coming up or the beginning of a new job and in the past and what it meant to you, a child's new toy, a new house you are building/moving in to or one you have moved in already, a new year and what it means to you, a new attitude, the start of a new school year, a new relationship - yours, a family members, your child's, a new friendship, new wardrobe, new diet, new phone, new haircut...
Your layout must incorporate this theme and the sketch below. 
Please make sure that we see some sort of journalling on your layouts and please tell us where your journalling is . You are allowed to journal in any language but please tell us where on your page we will find your journalling. Remember journalling has to be a bit more than a title, or a generic comment. Hidden journalling is perfectly fine.
Please head over to the OUAS blog to see the complete rules and to see what the marvellous DT has come up with, and to learn who is this month's sponsors. OUAS has undergone some minor changes, too, but you will learn all about if you visit the blog.
Do you want to know how I solved this challenge?
Here you are:


Yepp, you read it right - no shopping for us in 2013!
I try to learn my kids that happiness doesn't come from what you own, but what you do and how you are. It's amazing what a teenager, and a ten year old "need", but we're trying to force them to reconcider it.
The entire family agreed on this shop stop, and we sat down one afternoon to create a list of what we are allowed to buy this year. Necessities, like food, medicine and underwear are excluded from the shop stop list and the list contains a number of items each of us need to buy over the year (text continues under the following close up photos):
Patterned papers, stickers, alpha & chipboard: Echo Park. Bling: Petaloo
Dots: Craftworkcards. Glassine envelope & fiber:: unknown

The envelope contains the deal/shopping list for 2013

  • Shoes, trousers and t-shirts can be bough when the old ones are broken, but nobody need more than 10 t-shirts!
  • Long sleeves/hoodies will not be bought this year as we all have plenty (exception: if a kid grow 15 cm+), the same goes for other clothes. This mean no shopping just because there are sales in the stores!
  • Electronical devices which are broken will not be replaced, execpt household items like washing mashines, stoves, computers etc. Broken mobile phones will be replaced by the cheapest there are!
  • No new car!
  • We need a new tent, and hubby a new golf driver.
  • Trips and vacations are allowed!
  • etc etc
There are more details to this deal, all of them in the list in the envelope.
I am allowed to buy as much white cardstock & glue I want, but not more than four paper collections (but I am allowed to win some, without them counting as part of the four *lol*)
I also offered to not buy albums this year, but the kids told me I should as "it looks so messy with layouts piled up in your scrap place" - god bless them.
What to you say - is this a good deal? Can we do it? Could you/would you?

7 kommentarer:

Laurence sa...

Excellent idea Hilde ! Time to make wish lists and suggest relatives to be generous, lol !

Georgia Heald sa...

Great layout Hilde and I love your money saving idea. Not sure how I would go with just four collections though!! You have much more scrappy self control than me =) Hope you had a great new year!!

Monique Liedtke sa...

Love your page! and your shopping list is a great idea, but no I couldn't do it ... seriously? 4 paper collection in one year???? I buy 4 in a month! (so maybe you can "win" one from me, LOL!) ... but you're right, we could do with a lot less (so maybe I'll narrow it down to one collection per month .. mmm I'll think about it).

pysselpetra sa...

Cant waith to here how this shop stop trip comes along - in theory it is a great idea LOL Maby just maby I should see if my family wants to take this road as well but I think we will take a trial month first...
Love you page ot is very pretty ♥

Chantalle sa...

OOoh Good luck Hilde - hope you reach your goals! ;) Love that little envelope

Jan Rankine sa...

Love your idea Hilde - not sure if I could do it though!!! Beaut page.

LindaSS sa...

helt fantastisk Hilde... digger ideen.. kanskje noe å tenke på til noen år.. :D)