mandag 2. januar 2017

Happy new year - and CSI case file no 221

Happy New Year, people!

Are you as excited about the new year as I am? While 2014 and 2015 was really tough on my family, 2016 was peaceful and calm but with some perfect, small challenges to remind us that life isn't easy all the time. I cross my fingers 2017 will flow easily, too!

I'm starting the new year scrap wise by sending congratulations to CSI on their fifth year! I'm proud to have been invited to the party with a GDT spot!

Here is the first CSI Challenge in 2017:

And here is my take on it:

How I solved the case:
Colors & sketch
  • All five colors + sketchused
  • Tiny dots, grid
  • Banners
  • Enamel dots
  • Inspiration Words: delicious, sweet, life
    My journaling is about how sweet life can be; a weekend without the kids but With good friends and With lots of good Food and ine

Close up photos:

The materials is a true mix of manufactorers. No one mentioned = no one forgotten

Old overlays and brads from my stash

The overlay is pretty visible in this close up

Now, please head over to the CSI blog for a massive inspiration and to play along. Deadline: January 31th.

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