søndag 8. februar 2015

Masculin hybrid cards

I never seem to have masculin cards enough - not that strange actually, as I work with men and live with men (in this case I consider my kids men *lol*). So I have decided to stack up on men cards and here are my first this week:

Digital designs: The Nifty Pixel. Button: Jillibean Soup.
Patterned paper, cardstock, twine & dots: unknown

I have used the "Plus Side" free printables from The Nifty Pixle for all these cards. The designs are printed on patterned papers and overlays, and assembled as traditional cards. Digital designs + traditional card making = hybrid cards.

Digital designs: Nifty Pixel. Washi: Panduro. 
Patterned paper, cardstock,, note sign & dots: unknown

 Overlays are always difficult to photo, because of the reflections!

Digital designs: The Nifty Pixels. Button: Jillibean Soup. 
Patterned paper, cardstock, twine & dots: unknownt

Thank you for stopping by, and please come back on Tuesday for another masculin card!
Tell me - do you ever make hybrid cards?

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