lørdag 8. mars 2014

No Speedy Recovery (CSI #113)

This is my mum.

She fell of a ladder late January and had some really nasty fractures in the ankel and heel area. She is still in hospital, have had ten surgeries so far and there is still a few more to come to remove steel screews and spikes. Poor mum.

Patterned paper, banner parts & cut outs: MME. Envelope & pin: Websters pages. Metal heart, metal clip & wood veener: Freckled Fawn. Alpha: Basic Grey. Cloth pins: Pebbles. Type writer, ribbons & buttons: unknown

The journaling are details about what the surgeants have done to her ankel and feet, and what the steel construction is all about.

More close up photos:

This layout was made for CSI#113:

How I solved the case:
*Colors: all used
*Evidedence: Ledger paper, cameras, hearts, typewriter, envelope, banner
*Testimony: Zoom in on your photo and tell about a part of your picture

So far in life I only have broken a few ribs, and someback spines, but I never needed surgery, and I'm crossing my fingers it will stay that way. What about you? Anything broken?

2 kommentarer:

Cassandra aka Scrap Savvy sa...

Oh Hilde your poor mom. Not fun when it gets that complicated.

Your layout is wonderful and a great take on the case.

Seriously what are the odds... my MIL broke her ankle in Jan. too. Nasty fracture in three places. She too is pinned and plated but home and on the mend.

As for me, several breaks on both hands/fingers and both feet/toes; five of my own doing and three by others. Very active in different sports and activities. Most embarrassing one though was when I broke two toes vacuuming by stepping into the extended middle wooden leg on an ornate sofa.

Between breaks, sprains and concussions, it really is no surprise that my first career after university was in physical rehabilitation.;)

Monique Liedtke sa...

I adore your page, so different from your other pages with the soft pink colors, but oh my, your pour mum! Wish hr all the best from me! I really hope she recovers quicky from now on! Big hug!!!!!