søndag 25. august 2013

Bryggen, Bergen - CSI Case File #86

I had the best intentions of blogging frequently this week, but then we have had the most wonderful weather, and computer time suddenly was far down on my priority list. It's amazing - we're writing August 25th, the temperature is 20+ C, even in the water, and there is hardly any wind at all.

What is it like where you live right now?

Petterned papers: CSI Coordinates. Brads: MME. Alpha: AC/Adornit. Vellum: ClubScrap

This summer we took a guided tour in Bergen (Norway), a place we have visited so many times. Then we finally got the explanation about the wood figures on some of the walls: they worked as door signs back when the Hanseatic League run the markets and not all fishermen, coming With their goods, could read.

This weeks CSI Challenge:

 Colors: all used.
Evidence: Stripes, speech bubbles (stuck behind photos etc),vellum
Testimony: journal about a city

I have used this week's coordinates for this layout - love them!

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Cassandra aka Scrap Savvy sa...

Another case solved wonderfully! Love all the orange both in the photos and your papers.:)