torsdag 7. mars 2013

Sugar Paste Flower Spray Display

I bet you didn't know this about me: I know how to make sugar paste flower sprays, like this one:

Actual size left rose: 3/4"

Yepp, this is made by me. Every bud, petal, flower and leaf is hand made with sugar paste and individually colored/painted. I admit it, I don't make many of them, but it's great to know I have the skills!

Sugar paste sprays are very fragile, especially the flowers as the petals are very delicate and thin. I wanted to display a spray in my working space, but it would surely need some protection (think kittens and kids)! I couldn't find any suitable in the stores, so I decided to make one myself.

I took a sturdy paper box, cut a window which I covered with acetat from the back and covered the box with pretty papers, lace and embellishments. And voila! A nice box which, in theory, would protect my precious flower spray from damage.

Papers: MME. Leaves: Prima. Pearl spray & flower: unknown. Lace: Authentic, from my grand ma's

The truth?
The display is still sitting on top of my shelf.

It hung over my desk, but when I cought Mercedes, the kitten, jumping for it to get the moving pearl spray and the flower, I removed it. She was so close to getting there, and if she had succeeded, she would have torn the entire box down. And there would be no sugar spray left.

Don't you love your pets?

4 kommentarer:

Anonym sa...

WOW!!!! This is seriously amazing - you are so freaking talented girl!

Marinette sa...

This is fabulous my friend! I love it♥

Laurence sa...

This is a-ma-zing ! Beautiful ! But I thought sugar paste was good to eat... lol!

Cassandra aka Scrap Savvy sa...

Hilde that is amazing! You have some talent girl!:)