onsdag 27. mars 2013

I do not seek. I find.


Do you, like me, have a long Easter break? I love it, and so far my days off  have been pretty lazy. It's nice and sunny outside, but soooo cold for late March, and the snow have hardly started melting yet.

"I do not seek - I find".
I just love that quote byPablo Picasso. I think it pretty much sums up my life philosophy - and my approach to scrapping, too.

Journaling: "Scrapping is to a high level like life itself: nothing comes for free. If you want results, you need to work hard and determined for it. But you also need to dare to find inpiration from others, and to let them be sources for new ideas, thoughts and ways to look upon how and what you are doing"

I got the idea for this layout from CSI file #63:

Colors - all five used, but I might have stretched it a bit *lol*
Evidence: tape measure, metal mesh ("grey" stripe down left side), metal (paper clip, eyelet, chaine, fasteners)
Testimony:Document a hobby (scrapbooking)

Thank you for popping by and have a Happy Easter!

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pysselpetra sa...

fab and unique page <3