søndag 10. august 2014

Thank you cards (part 1/3)

My FIL passed away 2 1/2 weeks ago and his funeral was on Tuesday. We are happy to have good friends and family members who have supported us since his passing away, and they all deserve a big Thank You.
Hubby and kids have been away this weekend, their annual father-and-kids-no-mums-allowed trip with the neighbours, so I decided to use my free time wisely and make cards.

I managed to whip up twentytwo cards this weekend - and still had time to do other stuff, too. My secret? I make small card kits when I have too much scrap and on-of-a-kind embellies! They were perfect for this occation - no need to look for matching papers and embellies - it was already done (papers even cut down to 6"*6"). Manufactorers/paper lines? I don't have a clue *lol*

Today I give you six cards - all of them quite flat and ready to be shipped by air mail.

As you migh have noticed, these cards all have bows (so easy to add structure to a simple card!) and the same main colors: blue, green and yellow.

 Please come back on Wednesday for pink Thank You cards :-)

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lillesmor sa...

Aller først - kondolerer med svigerfar.
For en hyggelig gest å gi et takkekort til støttende venner og familie etter triste hendelser - det skal jeg kopiere når tiden kommer..
Flotte kort (papirer og klistremerker fra Echo Park i kit fått fra Nook - tror jeg;-))
Håper du får noen fine sommeruker fremover.